Choose A Plan That Works For You!


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Plan A

A medium size university with around 15,000 students and faculties.

Plan B

A large size university with around 60,000 students and faculties.

Your Plan

We can always design a plan that fits your needs and possibilities. If you are a consortium of colleges or universities and research centers, we will build a special plan with your help.

Main Features


Perpetual License

All iKNiTO products are delivered on perpetual license and you can use them at no more cost so long as you stay within the terms of the license.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property of iKNiTO products belong to Notion Wave Inc.


Year one updates are all complementary. Beyond year 1, you will receive updates so long as you have a business relation with us. For example, if you opt in for our annual support bundle.

Annual Support Bundle

Our continuous support bundle is between 5% to 10% of the value of each license and provides unlimited online support, all updates and upgrades, as well as a number of online training, depending on the component.


You will decide where to host the products. You will need to acquire the necessary services. This could be a cloud based server or a locally installed hardware. We will advise you on specifications and capacities.


it is your responsibility to provide all that is needed for deployment of the products, including but not limited to server space, license to your WSD and SSO, as well as license to journal and book ranking information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really perpetual license?

Yes, definitely. We believe you should not incur any serious cost beyond year 1, if you are happy with the product as it is.

So, I will own the product?

Well, here is how we term it. You will have the right to use the product perpetually. But the intellectual property and copyright stays with us. This means you should act within the terms of your license agreement. If there is any change, we will discuss with you and try to accommodate that or perhaps adjust the license term at a nominal cost.

How Perpetual is Perpetual?

This is a good question. It means for as long as you wish to use it. Of course we will be updating and upgrading it continuously. We are also always working on new ideas and products. Once a new product is out, we will give you priority option to acquire it at a heavily discounted rate. But if you decide not to take the offer and prefer to continue with your stable and working product, we will sit and discuss with you on how to continue.

Can I provide service to others?

Short answer is no. However, we need to be more specific. iKNiTO DL is for use by your affiliated users and this includes alumni. In the case of iKNiTO Space, JS, and CS, you can only use them for building what each product is meant to do within your organization. However, anyone around the world can have access to your content and journals (if Open Access) or conferences.

Will I need Continuous Support Bundle?

No, if you are fully on board within year 1 when everything is taking place and taking shape. We will be helping you to establish your admins, trainers and first lines of support. However, since the intellectual property belongs to Notion Wave, if in years 2 onwards you require modifications and customizations, then you need to ask us to come in. The support bundle is in effect extending your guarantee beyond year 1.

What is included in Continuous Support Bundle?

We will sit with you and plan what needs to be included based on your requirements. However, our standard term covers online training, online support, a fair level of customization, all updates and upgrades.

What if your company dissolves or is taken over?

Our first priority is to make sure our clients are safeguarded. In case of a planned closure or take over, we will be communicating with you and will even consider delivery of the complete code and documentations, or appointment of a successor.

Are your products stable?

Sure. They have been under very serious and heavy use tests. We believe the products are quite stable. However, we always recommend our clients to purchase the continuous support bundle as well.