Introducing iKNiTO

Knowledge Management Suite

A Multi Language Digital Library, Digital Repository, Academic Journals Publishing, Scholarly Conferences , and Incorporating Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Your Research

What is it?

iKNiTO Knowledge Management Suite offers six products.

iKNiTO Digital Library is a flexible and simple point of browse, search, and access to all your content. The Space digital repository is a safe place to archive your content for generations to come. Both journal and conference systems are customizable flow management systems for those who have in-house presses or run multiple conferences every year. Use journal evaluation to ensure  high standards.

Our Recommender is state of the art in artificial intelligence and data mining and is an ideal enhancement to your research facilities.

Adavnced Technology

By using the state of the art in software development technology we are able to customize and adapt to your needs very quickly

Be Seen

By creating an integrated ecosystem, your investment in acquiring and developing knowledge will be best discovered and used

Who is it for?

iKNiTO products are intended for medium to large universities, and major institutions, as well as regional or national consortia, and Government organizations.

This is a long term collaboration between us. Our training, support and enhancement to the products are never ending.


All products work stand alone and integrated. We prefer integration. It shows  power of all your content


Each deployment is a complete project which includes assessment of your needs, customization, deployment, training and support.


Six products to build a complete knowledge management system.

Use them stand alone or integrated.

Digital Library

iKNiTO DL is an advanced digital library for which runs on all sorts of devices and platforms. Whether you are at a university, research center, or any institute which deals with electronic content, this is for you.


iKNiTO Space is powered by Dspace. It is integrated with all our products and lets you store and access your content with ease of mind.

Journal System

iKNiTO JS is a complete solution for your journal publishing workflow. It defines roles and responsibilities similar to the real people who are involved in such publishers.

Journal Evaluation

We have built iKNiTO JVAL for major regional or national bodies who are responsible for evaluation of journals published by universities and research centers under their umbrella.

Conference System

iKNiTO CS is an academic conference and gatherings management system. It automates the complete workflow.

Recommedation System

Where do I publish my article? Who can I collaborate in my field, What are suitable keywords for my article, to which subjects is my article related, and many more questions are answerd by iKNiTO REC.


We’d love to send you an estimate. We need some basic information about your institution, such as  size,  goals and objectives in terms of knowledge management and types of resources.

In the meantime, please check our prices.

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