Journal System

A Multi Language Journal Flow Management

Flow Automation

iKNiTO JS is a comprehensive journal publication workflow management system. Publication of journals is among core activities of many universities and research institutes. It requires a rather elaborate organization with many people involved. iKNiTO JS does not replace those people. However, it fully automates flow of data and tasks between them


When we deploy iKNiTO JS, it is fully customized and made for your organization. It will be your journal management system. This means look and feel, colour themes, roles and responsibilities and flow of tasks, as well as language,  all will be adjusted to your needs. We will also help you migrate your previously published journals and their archives to your new journal system

Journal Website

You will be able to create a branded website and URL, as well as scope, regulations, copyright terms, peer review team, and much more for each journal. You will design and add all these to your iKNiTO JS

Peer Review

iKNiTO JS is for peer reviewed journals. As a result it lets you add reviewers and communicate with them all through the system. By observing deadlines and sending reminders, iKNiTO JS makes sure everything is done on time


iKNiTO JS supports a number of editorial roles in line with most academic presses, including content and layout editors. If required, we are able to modify and add to these roles


Once papers have gone through the peer review and editing process, and have been added to the next issue of a journal, it is time to publish it. iKNiTO JS supports DOI  from Crossref which gives a much wider exposure and global access. All your published journals and their issues are accessible through their websites

Your Own Publishing Press

iKNiTO JS is used by an increasing number of university presses. Currently, over 1200 scientific journals affiliated to various universities and scientific associations use iKNiTO JS to manage their electronic and print publication of  journals.

iKNiTO JS is for any major university or consortium of universities which intend to deploy and run their own journal publication.

iKNiTO JS has a scalable architecture which makes it perfectly suitable for any national deplyment. We have done it!


Roles and Responsibilities

iKNiTO JS comes with a number of roles which correspond to the role of people involved. However, everything can be customized to adapt to your organization’s requirements. Here are some standard ones


Authors can only submit articles or manage articles that they have already submitted. They can also follow up their status and learn about the final decision about each of their articles

Executive Director

Executive Director receives articles and, after a quick check, and if they meet the journal’s guidelines they are then referred to Editor-in-Chief for assigning reviewers and other related decisions


Reviewer can only comment on the articles and access the details of Reviewer’s Form on articles which she/he has received


Editor-in-chief is in charge of the journal and personally oversees all the processes involved in assessment, reviewing, and electronic publication of an article

Section Editor

Section Editors usually manage review of submissions and the editing of those that are accepted. Depending on the journal’s policies, however, a Section Editor initially assigned to a submission by an Editor may be asked only to see it through the Review stage, after which, if the submission is accepted, the Editor takes over (in the role of Section Editor). Editors send requests to Section Editors to see a submission through the editorial process


Copyeditors edit articles. Articles that have been reviewed and accepted will be sent to Copyeditors to be prepared for publication after they are revised and amended by the author

Layout Editor

Layout Editor transforms the edited articles, following the journal’s guidelines and uploads and saves them on the system in PDF format


Publisher is responsible for publishing the articles on the system including the already published ones. He/she also manages volume and issue numbers and also uploads the finalized articles on the system

System Manager

System manager is responsible for assigning tasks, feeding data, and assigning roles to different individuals


We are a member of Crossref. You too can become a member.

iKNiTO JS uses DOI from Crossref to make sure your journals, their articles and even the minute elements of the contents are reachable and exposed globally.

Integrate and use Similarity Check from Crossref to detect and prevent plagiarism and mmaintain integrity of your journals.


Let them Communicate

Our iKNiTO Knowledge Management products are able to integrate and communicate with each other.

So, from your library screen you can see your library resources, your courseware stored in the repository and any journal or proceeding published through your journal and conference systems.

A National Project

iKNiTO JS has a real impact on knowledge development and dissemination.

Just click on the EKB image or below and see how within a couple of years over 300 journals (and rising) are published by this very unique system.

This deployment is a country wide one and supports multiple languages as well as LTR and RTL ones.

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