Recommendations by iKNiTO RES

iKNiTO Res possesses a vast knowledge of written papers, journals, books, conferences, organizations, subjects, and their relationship within published world. It uses natural language processing and deep learning to come up with some reliable recommendations. The system gets better and more accurate as volume of data is increased by owners of big research and academic data such as publishers of A&I databases or Web Scale Discovery engines. Similarly, when more and more researchers opt to add their information and profile to it, in turn the underlying relations get much stronger and informative.

Recommend Where to Publish or Present

You can upload your articles into your profile. These will be added to the DRAFTS folder. Your articles might be complete or partially written. You can use the recommender to enhance your article.

By clicking on SUGGEST VENUE, you will receive a list of journals and conferences which are relevant to your work.


Recommend Authors to Collaborate With

Author Recommender uses as much information as you are able to provide such as Title of your paper, its Abstract, or Keywords and suggests related Authors. These are people who have written articles which are related to your work.

Recommend Keywords for My Article

By providing some information about your article, iKNiTO Res suggests keywords to be used in your paper. These keywords are color ranked and green means most related.

Recommend Subject (s) of My Article

iKNiTO Res is able to use some information about your article such as its Title, Abstract, or Keywords, and suggest Subjects or Fields related to your article. These are color coded for relevancy from green (meaning most relevant) to red

Recommend Related Papers

We need to use some information about your work, such as its Title, Abstract, or Keywords, to be able to show you a list of articles which are written and are relevant to your research.