A Multi Language Digital Repository of Your Assets

Now and For Future Generations


iKNiTO Space is powered by Dspace which is the software of choice for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations building open digital repositories


It is easy to install and completely customize to fit the needs of any organization, and this includes language and whether it is LTR or RTL

All Kinds

iKNiTO Space preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, videos and data sets


It stores your assets on a safe repository. iKNiTO Space is deployed on higly safe infrastructures which ensures integrity and privacy, as well as trustable accessibility


iKNiTO Space makes your data visible to the world, but based on a copyright scheme that you determine. It indexes your work (Full Text), so users can search and retrieve your items. It distributes your information over the web


It preserves your digital work over the long term. One of the main aims of iKNiTO Space is to make sure your assets do not become obsolete as technology changes

World-Class Product, World Class Experience

Proudly a Listed Service Provider of DuraSpace!

iKNiTO Space is for any organization which produces and maintains data. This could be a research center, university, college, a museum, an archive, a publisher, or a Government center.

In short, anyone who wishes to maintain their data in a repository and give them greater visibility and accessibility over time can use iKNiTO Space.

Our experience is best used, when we deploy in a medium or large institution and specially when we integrate our various knowledge management products.

Each deployment is a project on its own. From customization and branding , to network infrastructure specification, to training and support, they are all part of each of our projects.

We have deployed iKNiTO Space at coutry-wide level. Probably one of few global companies with such deployment experience!


Notion Wave,  a Listed Service Provider of DuraSpace

Fully integrates with iKNiTO suite of products (iKNiTO DL, iKNiTO JS, and iKNiTO CS)

Powered by DSpace, the largest Open Source repository management tool

Largest community of users and developers worldwide

Completely customizable to fit your needs

Manage and preserve all types of digital content

Used by educational, government, private and commercial institutions

Let them Communicate

Our iKNiTO Knowledge Management products are able to integrate and communicate with each other.

So, from your library screen you can see your library resources, your courseware stored in the repository and any journal or proceeding published through your journal and conference systems.

Let’s Get Technical

User Interface

Customize the look and feel of your iKNiTO Space website so it will integrate seamlessly with your own institution’s website and can be more intuitive for your users. iKNiTO Space provides two main user interface options: the traditional (JSP-based) interface, and Manakin (XML-based) which provides various “themes” out of the box.


Dublin Core is the default metadata format within the iKNiTO Space application. You can add or change any field to customize it for you application. iKNiTO Space currently supports any non hierarchical, flat name space, although it is possible to ingest other hierarchical metadata schemas into iKNiTO Space such as MARC and MODS. This requires using tools such as crosswalk and having some technical capability to map the transfer of data.

Browse and Search

You can decide what fields you would like to display for browsing, such as author, title, date etc. on your iKNiTO Space website. You can also select any metadata fields you would like included in the search interface. All of the text within a given item and metadata associated with the item, are indexed for full text search if desired.


iKNiTO Space comes with plugins for most university authentication methods, including: LDAP (and hierarchical LDAP), Shibboleth, X.509, IP-based. In addition, iKNiTO Space comes with its own internal authentication method, or can be configured to use multiple authentication methods at once. You can also build your own authentication plugin if you are using a custom authentication mechanism.


iKNiTO Space complies with many standard protocols for access, ingest, and export. Standards that iKNiTO Space supports include: OAI-PMH, OAI-ORE, SWORD, WebDAV, OpenSearch, OpenURL, RSS, ATOM.


You can use PostgreSQL for the database where iKNiTO Space manages its metadata.


iKNiTO Space web application is available in over twenty languages including Arabic. So if English is not your local language, you can customize the language which iKNiTO Space uses. You can also configure iKNiTO Space to support multiple languages, so that the language your user sees is the ‘preferred language’ set in their web browser.

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