Integration, National Projects, Bespoke Projects


We have all the components of a Knowledge Management Suite to help you build and manage your Integrated knowledge infrastructure. Digital Library, Journal and Book publishing, Event Management and Publishing, Digital Repository and many more. In addition to our high level products, we use Micro-services  architecture and have developed lots of important modules which we can integrate to a solution.

National and Regional Projects

We have done many national or consortia level deployment of iKNiTO suite of products. Such projects require expertise and flexibility in order to adapt and deliver swiftly.

Your Special Project

While we advocate highly integrated knowledge management components in order to achieve higher efficiency and return on investment, we do understand that many of our clients already have deployed many or some of the functionalities that iKNiTO Knowledge Management Suite offers.

We are able to examine what you already have and come up with a bespoke deployment which fits your requirements.


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